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Far off in the world of Toril, a world which contains what many call Faerun home, in a time where civilisation continues to expand and the need to explore more of the world, there lies a continent that has recently been discovered by renowned explorers from Faerun. This lies on its own, separated from the known world. Having being then settled, a large diversity of all races and beings dwell on the land of Elystia. From the snowy peaks of the mountains, dwarves have made home away from the treacherous blizzards, to the ravaging waters of the Leisay Sea overrun by dangerous pirates.

After the discovery by Captain Radnor Garrick. After discovering this prosperous land, they quickly settled into the world and named it after the captain’s ship, Elystia. All the lands have then been settled, and a great dynasty has been made by Radnor whom appointed himself high king of the land of what we know today. 

Fast forward many generations, we lie in a world where the law rules the land, the unlawful are punished and people can make their wealth any way they can.

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This is the homebrew wiki by Daniel Maneze. The World of Elystia is created as a personal project during Daniel's spare time which will soon be expanded and thoroughly filled. Please let me know if there are any pieces of information that is missing or needs expanding. Any help is appreciated.

This is simply for information on the Homebrew setting of Elystia. Information that will continue to be expanded upon is all found here. Currently there is a campaign running called Grave of the Forsaken.

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Continent of Elystia

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